# the Grenier à sel

An innovative cultural venue for creating work in the field of new media art, which makes connections between art, science and technology

# Who are we ?

Established in 2018 by the EDIS endowment, the Grenier à sel is a space for discovering and sharing digital culture, which explores the rich ferment of current artistic practices. It hosts a cross-disciplinary programme that fosters the pleasure of discovering, experimenting and interacting around singular art forms, close to the works and their creators. Exhibitions, performances, concerts, residencies, audiences-with and workshops are held all year round, showcasing the inventive flair of today’s artists.

# The building

Situated in central Avignon near the Papal Palace, the Grenier à sel is housed in the former salt storehouse. It is one of the oldest buildings in « the city of the popes », dating from the 14th century. Demolished several times, it was rebuilt in 1758 by the architect Jean-Ange Brun, and listed as a historic monument in 1984. The architecture and location of the building, on the banks of the River Rhône, undescore the importance of salt during the Ancien Regime.

# ce que disent les plantes

7 OCTOBER 2023 – 22 DECEMBER 2023


The Grenier à Sel is taking part in the national celebration of the bicentenary of the naturalist Jean-Henri Fabre with an exhibition that brings together contemporary creations and old herbariums.

What do plants have to say to us, and what do they inspire artists, at a time of climate upheaval, major agricultural challenges and an increasingly virtual or artificial nature that requires us to rethink our fundamental relationship with it?

13 artists are invited to share their views on plants. Whether in praise of beauty, celebration of life or the desire to preserve biodiversity in the face of the deterioration of ecosystems, « What plants say » invites us to enter the heart of a non-human society and to open ourselves up to the diversity of artistic approaches. All of the works cast a sensitive light on current concerns, inviting us to shed our age-old anthropocentric vision and reconnect with nature.

Videos – sculptures – drawings – installation – virtual reality

With :

Donatien AUBERT – Karl BLOSSFELDT – Betty BUI –  Miguel CHEVALIER – Thierry COHEN – Jean COMANDON – Valère COSTES – Jean-Henri Fabre – Jérémy GRIFFAUD – Fabrice HYBER – Benjamin JUST – Laurent PERNOT – Sabrina RATTÉ – Max REICHMANN – aurèce vettier



The opening to the public depends on the programme.

Opening hours
Wednesday to Saturday from 1.30 pm to 6 pm
Exceptional closure : 11 November

Specific opening hours for the Christmas holidays
Open from Monday 19th to Thursday 22nd December from 1.30 pm to 6 pm
Closed from 23 December to 3 January inclusive

Free admission, no reservation required

Café – bookshop open during the exhibition opening hours

Entrance :
Le Grenier à sel
2 rue Rempart Saint-Lazare in Avignon

Contact :
Tel : 04 32 74 05 31
Mail: accueil@legrenierasel-avignon.fr

The Grenier à sel is managed by the EDIS Endowment Fund, a general interest organisation whose vocation is to support emerging artistic practices and to allow their access to a large and diversified public.